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About EducateLagos

Increasing Access to Knowledge

On the verge of the 4th industrial revolution, the global community now has access to essential tools to live and succeed anywhere in the world. Currently the fifth largest economy in Africa, Lagos State is a hub of commercial and social activities, a melting pot for academic, vocational and entrepreneurial exploits, strategically positioning her as a frontier of development in Sub-Saharan Africa. As it assumes the status of a Mega City-State, Lagos has not lost her rich historical appeal, which must be harnessed and protected.

Educate Lagos is a commitment of the Lagos State Government to increase access to all, regardless of location and socio-economic status. This portal opens the doors to a variety of content including published books, core academic curriculum for primary and secondary education, educational technology resources and certified assessment tests. It also contains instructional videos, inspirational and motivational podcasts, vocational and skills acquisition training videos and a publishers' marketplace. You can also get topical information on governance, politics, business and economy, sports and recreation, entertainment, documentaries, games, jokes and comics, as part of an extensive catalogue.

Explore & Learn

Welcome to the Lagos State Library. With rights to over 5,000 learning resources, our database covers everything you need to study, relax, or just catch up with daily happenings in Nigeria and across the world - all available to you on the go! So, whether in your office, school, home or abroad; stay up to date, explore and learn more about our beautiful world.

Teach & Educate

Teachers and educators can take advantage of our fully equipped authoring solutions to create course curriculums, outlines and improve their students' learning experiences. This gateway opens a world of specialized teaching in a variety of subjects, courses and topics. Whether you're a primary or secondary school teacher; a lecturer in a higher institution or an inquisitive explorer, this Learning Portal has everything needed to assist you, make learning more exciting, thereby leading to an improved academic experience!

Publish & Advertise

This Learning Portal is a first-of-its-kind platform in Nigeria. With an extensive collection of licensed titles from popular authors, writers and publishers increasing by the minute, this platform is sought after because of the diversity of its content. This online library is now one of the most visited sites and its subscription of registered members is increasing on a daily basis. Publishers now have a perfect platform to increase the visibility of their publications and works to a bigger and wider scope of audiences.